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The official Seal of the Diocese of Springfield represents in the center, the river which parted into four heads and encompassed Eden. The description of this in Genesis 2:10 has always been held to be typical of Christ, the Water of Life, and the four Evangelists who bear Him in their Gospels to the four quarters of the globe, showing that He is for all men.

Nearby stands the Tree of Life, which is the Cross, whose fruit is the Bread which came down from Heaven.

The Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, tell us that Christ is our beginning and end----our "all in all."

The Diocese is named "Springfield":
Christ is the Spring of Living Water,
The Diocese is our Field.

The Clergy and Lay People are pledged to carry that Living Water all over the domain, so that it will nourish the seeds to bud and blossom like the rose, and become the Garden of the Lord.

We must do all that we can, but despite all our labors and efforts and offerings, all will depend upon God who gives the increase.

Deus  dat  incrementum, our motto in Latin, which are the words of St. Paul

(I Corinthians 3:6), reminds us --- God Gives the increase. But, St. Paul also reminds us: we are laborers together with God. We must therefore do our part as co-workers with Him in His vineyard.



The Episcopal Diocese of Springfield

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